Nancy wilson is celebrated as one of the seminal musicians in the history of Rock n’ Roll. A guitar virtuoso from the age of 10, Nancy, and her sister Ann, led the multi-platinum rock group, Heart. Together they have gone on to sell 35 million records. Nancy is revered as an ingenious guitar player and a gifted vocalist. As a songwriter, Nancy has co-written a collection of indelible songs that have earned their way into the classic rock canon including, “Magic Man,” “Crazy on You,” “Barracuda,” and “Straight On.”

During an era when females in rock n’ roll were scarce, Nancy helped carve out a place for women to front a band and dominate a rock stage. Her icon status was cemented when Heart was inducted into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame in 2013. That same year, she and her sister received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The Wilson sisters celebrated another career milestone in 2013 when they performed Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway To Heaven” at the Kennedy Center Honors. Their note-perfect performance was met with rowdy cheers and a standing ovation in the staid hall and brought members of Led Zeppelin to tears.

Nancy has also built a successful career as a film composer. Her composing credits include scores for the following films:

  • 2005 Elizabethtown
  • 2001 Vanilla Sky
  • 2000 Almost Famous
  • 1995 Jerry Maguire (main theme)
  • 1989 Say Anything

In 2017, Nancy stands at the starting line of exciting new co-writing/performance opportunities with her powerhouse band ROADCASE ROYALE, revitalized, as she pushes forward into a fresh artistic world.